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I made some munin plugins, please find here a pgbouncer one.

Installation notes for debian alike systems:

ln -s /path/to/pgbouncer_ /etc/munin/plugins/pgbouncer_my_db_pools_cl
ln -s /path/to/pgbouncer_ /etc/munin/plugins/pgbouncer_my_db_pools_sv
ln -s /path/to/pgbouncer_ /etc/munin/plugins/pgbouncer_my_db_pools_query
ln -s /path/to/pgbouncer_ /etc/munin/plugins/pgbouncer_my_db_pools_requests

The debian alike dependancy here is only that the munin plugins are linked from /etc/munin/plugins, which may be the case on some other environments too...

And of course some images, as this is all what it's about:
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